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Main characteristics:

The ROTONDI tumble dryer series is suitable for small , medium and large industrial use and was born from a technical project which aims to optimize the drying garment operation in a homogeneous way .

The systems is based on the perfect circulation of heated air combined with an effective circulation inside the structure .

Inside the completely perforated drum , the garment are keep in constant movement , enabling the air flow to be channeled in a uniform way and to remove the humidity excess .

The air expulsion it takes place through a filtering box .

Technical specification :

– air heating by lamellar heat exchangers with extractable filtering grill

– the exchangers are positioned in the upper part of the machine where the air is cleaner and warmer

– air expulsion from the bottom

– control panel to set time and temperature

– Door opening available in manual , vertical or pneumatic version



– Single or double tilting

– Double passing door

– Control production printed ( for double passing door type only )

– Humidity control

– Variable speed

– Automatic loading and unloading system

– Axial air circulation device